Joining a session

Mybys is installed on a computer (Leaders)

  • Click “Join Session” on the Mybys ribbon or on the icon located in your toolbar.

  • Enter the session ID and your name (or use the history)

  • Click “Join Session” one more time!

Mybys is not installed on a computer

  • Go to

  • Enter the session number and your name

  • Choose the appropriate mode

    • Simple (view the leader screen only)

    • Regular (view the leader screen, show yours and use additional features) N.B. You will be asked to enter a temporary plug-in (small software). Just follow the installation process.

  • Click “Join Session.”

If you join with a mobile device

  • Go to (or use the mobile application)

  • Enter the session number and your name.

  • Click “Join Session”


As soon as your participants join the session, they can point to items appearing on your screen by left-clicking on their mouse, if they use a computer, or tap on their screen, if they use a tablet or a smartphone. All colored pointers are personalized.