Mentioning Teammates


Use @mentions to get the attention of specific team members.

Note that editing a message does not trigger new @mention notifications, desktop notifications, or notification sounds.


You can mention a teammate by using the @ symbol plus their username to send them a mention notification.

Type @ to bring up a list of team members who can be mentioned. To filter the list, type the first few letters of any username, first name, last name, or nickname. Use the UP and DOWN arrow keys to scroll through entries in the list, and then press ENTER to select the person to mention. When selected, the username replaces the full name or nickname.

The following example sends a special mention notification to Alice, whose username is alice. The notification alerts her of the channel and message where she was mentioned. If Alice is away from Smeetin and has email notifications turned on, then she receives an email alert of her mention along with the message text.

@alice how did your interview go with the new candidate?

If the person you mentioned does not belong to the channel, a System Message is posted to let you know. This is a temporary message, and you are the only one who can see it. To add the mentioned person to the channel, go to the dropdown menu beside the channel name and select Add Members.

@channel and @all

You can mention an entire channel by typing @channel or @all. All members of the channel receive a mention notification that behaves the same way as if the members had been mentioned personally. If used in Public Space, it notifies all members of your team.

@channel great work on interviews this week. I think we found some excellent potential candidates!

If a channel has five or more members, you are prompted to confirm that you want notifications sent to everyone in the channel.


You can mention everyone who is online in a channel by typing @here. This sends a desktop notification and push notification to members of the channel who are online. It’s counted as a mention in the sidebar. Members who are offline do not receive a notification, and when they come back to the site they will not see a mention counted in the channel sidebar. Members who are away receive a desktop notification only if they have notifications set to “all activity”, and they will not see a mention counted in the sidebar.

@here can someone do a quick review of this?

Words That Trigger Mentions

You can customize words that trigger mention notifications in Account Settings > Notifications > Words that trigger mentions. By default, you receive mention notifications for your username and for @channel, @all and @here. You can choose to have your first name be a word that triggers mentions.

You can add a list of customized words to get mention notifications for by typing them into the input box, separated by commas. This is useful if you want to be notified of all posts on certain topics, such as “interviewing” or “marketing”.

Recent Mentions

Click @ next to the search box to query for your most recent @mentions and words that trigger mentions. Click Jump next to a search result in the right-hand sidebar to jump the center pane to the channel and location of the message with the mention.