Executing Commands

Slash commands perform operations in Smeetin by typing into the text input box. Enter a / followed by a command and some arguments to perform actions.

Built-in slash commands come with all Smeetin installations and custom slash commands are configurable to interact with external applications.

Built-in Commands

The following slash commands are available on all Smeetin installations:





Set your status away



Set your status offline



Set your status online



Set your status to Do Not Disturb


/code {text}

Display text as a code block

/code File bugs


Turn on auto-collapsing of image previews



Turn off auto-collapsing of image previews


/echo {message} {delay in seconds}

Echo back text from your account

/echo Hello World 5

/header {text}

Edit the channel header

/header File bugs here

/invite @{user} ~{channel-name}

Invite user to the channel

/invite @john ~sampleChannel

/purpose {text}

Edit the channel purpose

/purpose A channel to discuss bugs

/rename {text}

Rename the channel

/rename Developers


Open the Smeetin help page


/invite_people {name@domain.com …}

Send an email invite to your Smeetin team

/invite_people john@example.com

/kick {@username}

Remove a member from a public or private channel

/kick @alice

/remove {@username}

Remove a member from a public or private channel

/remove @alice

/join {channel-name}

Join the open channel

/join off-topic

/open {channel-name}

Join the open channel

/open off-topic


Leave the current channel



Turns off desktop, email and push notifications for the current channel or the [channel] specified

/mute ~[channel]


Log out of Smeetin


/me {message}

Do an action

/me Hello World

/msg {@username} {message}

Send a Direct Message to a user

/msg @alice hello

/groupmsg {@username1, @username2, …} {message}

Sends a Group Message to the specified users

/groupmsg @alice, @bob hello

/search {text}

Search text in messages

/search meeting


Open the Account Settings dialog



Display a list of keyboard shortcuts


/shrug {message}

Add ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ to your message

/shrug oh well

Begin by typing / and a list of slash command options appears above the text input box. The autocomplete suggestions help by providing a format example in black text and a short description of the slash command in grey text.