Use the search box to find messages and replies that match the search terms that you enter. All channels that you are a member of in the current team are searched.

  • Multiple-word search terms return results that contain all of the terms.

  • When results appear, click Jump to view that post in the channel archive.

  • File attachments and their filenames are not searched. If file attachments show up in the search results, it’s because they are attached to messages that match the search query.

  • You can use search modifiers such as from:dave to return results only from certain people or in certain channels. For more information about this, see the Search Modifiers section.

Like many search engines, common words such as the, which, and are (known as “stop words”), as well as two-letter and one-letter search terms, are not shown in search because they typically return too many results.

Search Modifiers

From: and In:

Use from: to find posts from specific users and in: to find posts in specific channels.

  • For example: Searching Smeetin in:public-space only returns messages in Public Space that contain Smeetin.

Quotation Marks

Use quotation marks to return search results for exact terms.

  • For example: Searching "Smeetin website" returns messages containing the exact phrase Smeetin website, but not messages containing Smeetin and website separately.


Use the * character for wildcard searches that match within words.

  • For example: Searching for rea* brings back messages containing reach, reason and other words starting with rea.


Hashtags are searchable labels for posts. Search for any posts containing a hashtag by clicking the hashtag in an existing post or typing the hashtag with the pound symbol into the search bar. Create hashtags in any post by using the pound sign # followed by alphanumeric or other unicode characters.

Valid hashtags:

  • Do not start with a number.

  • Are at least 3 characters long, not including the #.

  • Are made up of alphanumeric or other unicode characters.

  • May contain dots, dashes or underscores.

Examples: #bug, #marketing, #user_testing, #per.iod, #check-in, #마케팅

Hashtags do not link to channels. For example, if you have a channel named “Marketing”, clicking a #marketing hashtag does not redirect you to that channel. You can link to public channels using ~ followed by the channel name, for example ~marketing.


All messages with attachments are automatically stored in the side tray for easy access.

To view a list of all attachments in this channel:

To view a complete list of all attachments in this channel, simply click on the attachment icon at the top of the channel.


The Right-Hand Sidebar opens to show a list of all the post attachments. For Example: