By Internet Access

Go to

Log in with the conference ID. Enter your name and click on “Call”; A virtual keyboard will appear.

Click on “Become a Host”. You will need to identify yourself by entering your PIN. Once your role as a Host is confirmed, you will benefit from additional functions.


The control panel

If you click the Control Panel button logo, you will be able to perform the following commands:

  • Choose the conference mode
    • Presentation

    • Questions & Answers

    • A private conversation between hosts

    • Normal conversation

  • See all participants arriving, in real-time

  • Play a pre-recorded message for your audience

  • Block access to the conference (for additional security)

  • Identify and name the participants (of which only the phone number can be seen - for future calls)

  • Modify the status of participants (hosts or not)

  • Filter participants (order of arrival or role)

  • Mute or unmute lines

  • Create sub-conferences (breakout rooms)

  • Access your history and recordings


The invitation to send to participants

You can send the following information to your participants:

Via Internet Connexion (Webcall)

By phone


This information as well as your VCard can be found in the email that was sent to you when you created your account.