Spontaneous or Planned sessions

Mybys can be used spontaneously, as an add-on to a regular phone call. Indeed, any participant can connect simply via go.mybys.com. All that is needed is to enter the session ID and a name! Mobile users should use Google Chrome or MS Edge, or Safari (iphones and iPads). You can plan sessions by clicking on the icon located in the tray bar.

Tailor-Made Login Pages

Partners and resellers may have a tailor-made login page. Login pages are front-end to use the service and can be used interchangeably.

To join with a tablet or a smartphone

  • Go to go.mybys.com (or use the mobile application)

  • Enter the session number and your name

  • Click “Join Session

Corporate Messaging

A true corporate instant messaging feature can be activated and added to the Mybys shortcut bar. Details about that feature can be found in our Chat User Guide.