Download and install Mybys using the link that you received by email. Only the host has to download the application.

The Shortcut Bar

Once MYBYS is installed, a shortcut bar appears at the top of your computer screen. It can be used to start and join a session. The ribbon can be minimized by clicking on a small pin. It will then take the form of a thin red line and reappear when you move your cursor across the top of the screen.

Shortcut Bar

Access additionnal options in the Shortcut Bar

Clicking on the three dots at the right end of the ribbon will give you access to your Profile , Preferences, and Help.

Quick access to section in preferences window

The preference window let you define every parameters of the application. Parameters are grouped in 3 mains sections and can be quickly accessed by using the Application, Session and Connection on the top left of this window.


This section let you change the behavior of the application in General like:

  • Change application display language

  • How you want to handle the updates

  • etc

Shortcut Bar parameters let you define how you want to use the Shortcut Bar. The Shortcut Bar can be shown all the time, never, or only when a session is active.


Session parameters vary a lot. It let you define how mybys will behave while a session has been started. The options are pretty much self explanatory. Here’s a list of behavior you can control:

  • Show the session detail at the start of the session

  • Show the participants list at the start of the session

  • Start recording automatically

  • Show/hide notifications when a participant join or leave your session

  • Mybys ask for confirmation every time you end a session

  • Choose initial viewing direction (useful if most of your session are for technical support purpose)

  • Choose the image quality of your screen sharing

  • etc.

Video parameter let you define if you want to keep your video window on top of other windows.

Audio parameter let you define how you want to join other moderator audio (web or phone).

Automatic End parameters let you define when your session should be stopped automatically and after how long, based on:

  • Session without any participant

  • Session with no service activated

  • Session still running on a computer while you are away

  • Session running for X minutes


Connection will be used by your I.T. to setup your organization proxy so mybys can have access to Internet.

The Tray Icon

Tray icon menu

An icon giving you access to the same options as the sortcut bar also appears in the task bar at the bottom right of your screen. In addition to all possibilities offered by the shortcut bar, the icon gives you the option to Plan upcoming sessions.


For the reminder of the user guide, to alleviate the text, we will refer to the sortcut bar, but the tray icon serves the exact same purpose.