Basic usage

The Chat feature can be activated either by clicking on the action button located on the Mybys ribbon, or on the small icon in the task bar.

“Public channels” can be viewed by all employees of the same organization. To create a new one, clic “+”

“Private channels” can only be accessed by collaborators invited to the conversation. To create a new one, clic “+”.

To invite your collaborators to your new private channels, clic “manage members” right beside the name of your channel. Then, click on “add new member’” Then, you will have to chose whom from your organisation you want to invite to your new channel. Clic “add”.

“Personal messages” are conversations between you and another collaborator. Clic on “+” to chat privately with another collaborator.

In order to change your settings and modify your profile, you must click on your profile (orange band). It will also be possible to change your status – online, available, busy or offline.

Other options

Marking a message - You can mark a message or comment by clicking on the flag icon next to the timestamp. Marking a message is a good way to follow up. Marking a message is personal and can not be seen by other users.

Pinning a message - All members of a channel can pin messages they deem important or useful. Pinned messages are visible to all members of the channel. To pin a message, go to the message that you want to pin and click on the pin icon on the top right window of the Chat.

Search - You can search throughout all messages using keywords. To do this, simply use the search box at the top right of the Chat window.

Sharing Documents, images, hyperlinks, and emoticons - To use one of these features, just write a message and click the appropriate icon to the right of the writing field.